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What are the hen houses made from?

Carefree Coops are made from 100% recycled plastic and are fully recyclable. The plastic we use is incredibly tough and durable – the plastic will not rot and is unaffected by the weather. The plastic is not affected by extremes of temperature – frost and cold will not damage it, neither will hot weather (should we have any!). The black plastic that forms the body of the coops is made from 100% recycled polyethylene film waste. The nest tub material is made of reclaimed off-cuts from HIPS processing factories and is 100% recycled. Our Coop Clips are made from new plastic as recycled is unreliable for such parts. The plastics that our coops are made from are all recyclable. Our recycled plastic does not require weather treatment unlike more traditional wooden hen housing.

How easy is it to clean a Carefree Coop?
The poop tray is easy to remove, simply remove the quick release clips holding the poop tray in place, slide the poop tray out and clean off the poop with a hose or pressure washer. For a deep clean, all you have to do is to remove the quick release clips on the roof of the house, slide off the roof and clean. Our plastic can be pressure washed in seconds or scrubbed with hot soapy water then rinsed. It will dry quickly, enabling your hens to return to their coop. When dry simply slide the roof panel back on, insert the clips and your coop is ready for use once more.

Will the plastic fade or become brittle in the sun like some other plastics?
The Carefree Coop plastic will not become brittle when exposed to sunlight, it absorbs UV Rays and it can also act as an insulator. It will not fade in the sunlight although there may be some slight fading over a very long period of time.

Will your coops stop red mite?
The recycled plastic that we use is non-porous so will not harbour pests such as the dreaded red mite. There are very few cracks or crevices for red mite to hide in unlike conventional wooden housing. No coop can claim to prevent red mite totally, but ours make it much easier to clean should you find any!

Are your coops cold in the winter and hot in the summer?
Our recycled plastic is a good insulator, and our houses are well ventilated. Our tests have shown that our poultry houses are no colder or warmer than a traditional wooden house would be – and they are MUCH easier to clean!

Can rain get in through the top joint on the coop?
The joint at the top of the coop has an “overhang” and is a very close fit. The coops have been thoroughly tested in the design lab and in a variety of weather conditions including very stormy weather and we haven’t had any problems with them letting in water through this joint.

Can I buy spare parts or replacement perches for my coop?
Yes, just contact any of our distributors and they will be able to supply you with any spare parts that you might need.

Are the nest tubs and perches removable?
Yes, it’s very simple to remove the perches and tubs for cleaning.

Are your coops rodent resistant?
The plastic that we use is very tough and not at all appealing to rats. Ensure you feed your birds away from the house and remove any eggs as soon as you can so that rats don’t have a reason to enter the poultry house. A determined rat can fit through the tiniest of holes, so don’t give them a reason to enter in the first place.

Can I buy a self-closing mechanism to shut the door on my coop? These will be available shortly – watch this space!

Are your coops easy to move?
Yes, our coops can be moved by two adults, there are specially designed carry handles cut into the plastic for this purpose.

How will my coop be supplied?
Your coop will be supplied in flat pack form; all of our packaging is designed to be recycled. Our coops come with very clear instructions and are simple to fit together. Our ‘coop clips’ and quick release pins make assembly easy!

Are Carefree Coops actually made by Brinsea Products?
Yes! Brinsea is known globally for incubator design and innovation and many of the staff keep hens. Following many discussions about our chickens during coffee breaks it became obvious to us that there was a need for an attractive hen house that was easy to clean. We then sent our technical team off to research the matter further and after looking at a huge variety of hen houses on the market, both wooden and plastic, we decided to make our own – as an experiment initially. Initial designs were trialled by the staff and they proved to be such a hit that we decided to offer them for sale!


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