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Winscombe Chicken Coop with run

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Brinsea Clifton Coops are computer designed and precision manufactured hen houses. Each coop is supplied flat packed and assembly is simple thanks to our unique Coop-Clip assembly system.

The Winscombe Chicken Coop will hold 3 to 6 standard hens and is:

  • Tough and durable: no maintenance needed, UV resistant and predator-proof non porous materials.
  • Precision designed and manufactured from 100% recycled plastic for minimum carbon footprint.
  • Comfortable for your hens with ample space, plenty of ventilation, molded nest areas and elevated roosting areas as standard.
  • Red mite resistant: Materials and designs minimize crevices where mites breed and make cleaning as easy as possible.
  • Easy to clean with removable roof panels and dropping tray.
  • Convenient large egg collection door on the back.
  • A sturdy 3.5 by 6 foot welded mesh steel run
  • 3-year warranty

    Winscombe chicken coop floor area: 34" x 19" external dimensions: 40" w x 23" d x 36' h

    If you need a larger coop, check the Churchill chicken coop.

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