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Incubator Thermometers

Accurate temperature is essential for successful incubation and a reliable, precise thermometer is a must.

Liquid-in-glass thermometer: Manufactured to Brinsea's specification, this traditional glass thermometer covers the temperature range 25 - 40ºC (80 - 105 ºF) with high accuracy necessary for incubation use.

Digital Spot Check thermometer: Compact, easy to read and extremely accurate, digital incubator thermometer. Specifically designed for incubation with a range of 32° - 40°C (90º to 104ºF). Ten times more accurate than most digital thermometers, it reads to 0.1ºF with an accuracy of ± 0.2ºF. Switchable between ºF and ºC it includes a remoter sensor allowing the display to be outside the incubator. Operates from watch-type battery (included) which lasts about 8 months of continuous use.


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