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Scratch and Dent TLC-30 Advance Parrot Brooder/Intensive Care Unit/Recovery Incubator

Item Number:   USHD381CSD
Price: $259.99
  • made-in-britain
    Made in Britain

Product Information

Small portable parrot brooder/ICU/Recovery incubator. The ideal environment for handraising baby birds or taking care of sick, injured birds or small mammals.


TLC-30 Advance Parrot Brooder/ICU/Recovery Incubator

New but esthetically substandard product. This brooder is in perfect working condition and comes with a full 3-year manufacturer's warranty but has some cosmetic defects (marks, scratches, etc.) or has been used for demo purposes.

Tough, efficient, easily cleaned, portable and quick to set up, the TLC-30 Advance Parrot Brooder/ICU/Recovery Incubator is ideal for newly hatched exotic chicks and sick, injured or orphaned birds and small mammals. The unit is suited to wildlife rescue or for pet breeding where portability and ease of cleaning are key benefits. It features:

  • Safe 12 volt operation from the mains with the adaptor supplied or from a car cigarette lighter available separately as an option
  • Quick warm up accurate temperature control adjustable through an easy to use digital menu
  • Digital temperature display in either °C or °F
  • Temperature stability maintained by quiet, low speed fans to minimize noise and disturbance
  • Audible and visual high and low temperature alarms to warn of internal and external temperature fluctuations
  • Double walled cabinet for heat and sound insulation
  • Clear door made of tough, UV resistant polycarbonate that can be closed and latched with one hand
  • Removable clear door and working parts compartment leaving the cabinet empty for deep cleaning
  • Smooth, mirror finish interior for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable fresh air exchange through a door mounted vent
  • Portable - integrated carry handle in the top of the cabinet
  • Stackable

Internal dimensions: 12" wide x 12" deep x 11" high.

For larger units, see the:
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All TLC-40 and 50 are subject to EU Design Registration No. 007779729-005

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Incubation FAQs

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A - All you need is in our Incubation Handbook, which is free to download.

Q - How do I prepare my incubator for hatching?

A - Please refer to Pre-season checks for your incubator, a comprehensive guide to preparing your incubator for hatching.

Q - How long can eggs be stored?

A - Most species may be safely stored for up to 10 days before serious reductions in hatch rates are likely but it is always best to set fertile eggs in an incubator within 24-48 hours of obtaining them. Daily turning of stored eggs also helps maintain hatchability. Store eggs in cool, damp conditions.
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