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Scratch and Dent EcoGlow Safety 1200 Chick Brooder

Item Number:   USHD612CSD
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Product Information

Ideal for keeping up to 35 newly hatched chicken, game and waterfowl warm. Great for classroom hatches.


EcoGlow Safety 1200 Chick Brooder

New but esthetically substandard product. This brooder is in perfect working condition and comes with a full 3-year manufacturer's warranty but has some cosmetic defects (marks, scratches, etc.) or has been used for demo purposes.

Our best selling EcoGlow Chick Brooders have been redesigned to be even safer, more economical and easier to clean. The new EcoGlow Safety 1200 Chick Brooder is ideal to raise up to 35 newly hatched chicks or ducklings and is suitable for any waterfowl or game-bird chicks and for classroom hatches.

The new EcoGlow Safety Chick Brooders use a metal warming plate to even out hot and cold spots which occur with plastic heat plates and to improve heat radiation. The new flared skirt design retains more heat further reducing energy use.

Unlike other chick heating plates, the Brinsea EcoGlow Brooders run at 12 volt from a mains transformer supplied - a much safer option than mains voltage and features a generous 10 feet power lead. Its 4 adjustable legs allow you to adjust the height according to the size of the chicks.

Key features:

  • Safe 12 volt operation from a mains transformer supplied
  • Extremely economical to run – uses only 18 watts
  • Easy height adjustment for different chick sizes. One end of the panel may be set lower than the other
  • No disturbing light - chicks are adjusted to a natural day/night cycle which improves weight gain and feather growth
  • Suitable for up to 35 newly hatched chicks
  • An indicator light confirms the brooder is connected
  • Convenient 10 feet power lead
  • Durable, easy to clean construction PLUS FREE clear plastic cover supplied

Dimensions: 17" long x 12" wide x 9" high

For brooding smaller or larger numbers of chicks see the:
EcoGlow Safety 600 Chick Brooder
EcoGlow Safety 2000 Chick Brooder


This product is for indoor use only and the room temperature should not drop below 50°F (10°C).
The EcoGlow Chick Brooder is subject to EU Design Registration No. 005319860-0001

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Incubation FAQs

Q - Where can I get advice on hatching eggs, I've never tried it before?

A - All you need is in our Incubation Handbook, which is free to download.

Q - How do I prepare my incubator for hatching?

A - Please refer to Pre-season checks for your incubator, a comprehensive guide to preparing your incubator for hatching.

Q - How long can eggs be stored?

A - Most species may be safely stored for up to 10 days before serious reductions in hatch rates are likely but it is always best to set fertile eggs in an incubator within 24-48 hours of obtaining them. Daily turning of stored eggs also helps maintain hatchability. Store eggs in cool, damp conditions.
Refer to our datasheet Storage and handling of eggs prior to incubation