NEW ChickSafe® automatic coop door openers

Chickens are very vulnerable to predators at night so all poultry keepers shut their birds away in the evening, but what if you are away – late back from work or even away for a few days?

Fortunately, hens naturally seek shelter as darkness falls and will put themselves into their hen house but they are still at risk while the door remains open.

A fox getting into a chicken coop at night causes devastation – so the ChickSafe automatic coop door openers operate the door automatically when you’re not there by lowering the coop door as night falls and then raising the door back up again in the morning – keeping your birds safe and giving you the freedom and peace of mind to visit family or friends.

Brinsea has designed the ChickSafe to be as simple to use yet tough and reliable. No calibration is necessary as the Chicksafe automatically detects when the door is fully open or closed. Just fit two screws to your poultry coop, attach the cord to your door and fit the 4 AA batteries supplied. The 2-piece alloy Chicksafe door saves a lot of wasted space – which means that the ChickSafe door opener can be fitted to a wider range of chicken coops. 

There are two versions of the ChickSafe; The ChickSafe Eco version uses light levels to trigger the door to open or close. Apart from a light adjustment screw inside there are no controls or adjustments to make. The software looks for long term changes in light levels so the door won’t be triggered to open by passing car headlamps for example. The indicator light warns you if the batteries are getting low (and you should get a year’s worth of life from a set of batteries) and also if the door has jammed. If the door tries to close as a chicken is passing through it will wait and then try again a few minutes later – a unique feature to the ChickSafe.

The ChickSafe Advance version does everything that the Eco does but also includes timer and manual override functions which are useful in a number or ways. If you want your birds to stay in after dawn in the morning you can program the ChickSafe Advance to close the coop door as light levels drop but then open the door at a time you choose. The ChickSafe Advance also allows you to program different opening times on different days so that you can have a later start to your morning at weekends, for example.

The ChickSafe automatic coop door openers use a unique, patented mechanism which means there’s only one moving part and no mechanical switches for ultimate reliability. We are so confident that the ChickSafe, like all Brinsea products, are covered by Brinsea’s free, 3-year warranty. 

The best news of all is that the ChickSafe automatic hen house door openers are amazing value starting at just $99.99 and are available on their own or packed with the 2-piece ChickSafe door.

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