No compromise laboratory grade egg incubators
for the most demanding applications


This 3rd generation contact incubator and matching 
moving air incubator/hatcher provide optimum conditions for
the full incubation period with improved control and reliability.




CIT Incubation TechnologySince initial field trials in 2000 Brinsea’s patented Contact Incubation Technology has established itself as a real step forward in incubation.

Eggs are warmed by contact with an artificial skin, rather than being surrounded by warm air, and the result is much stronger and faster development of the embryo in early stages of incubation. Many breeders of exotic, rare and valuable species across the world have switched to CIT.

The K7 used in conjunction with the Contaq Z7 also allows the breeder to use conventional moving air mode for later stages of incubation and hatching where the benefits of contact incubation are less important and the greater control of humidity can outweigh the advantages of incubation by contact.

A purpose designed hatching tray completes the K7 specification, giving the best possible hatching results for any species.