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TLC Brooders/Intensive Care Units

TLC-30, 40 and 50 Brooders/Intensive Care Units

Multi-purpose Intensive Care Units providing optimal brooding of baby parrots and other newly hatched exotic chicks and ideal recovery conditions for sick, injured or orphaned birds and mammals.

New Brinsea TLC parrot brooders


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Bird Brooding

Altricial species of birds (including all parrots and birds of prey) are blind and helpless when they hatch and it is some weeks before they are able to move around, control their body temperature and feed themselves. During this period the young birds need to be kept in a clean, temperature controlled environment as free as possible from airborne contaminants such as fungal spores and dust. As they grow and develop down and feathers they can gradually tolerate lower temperatures and the breeder needs to be able to reduce the chamber temperature easily, whilst still maintaining control. Young birds also benefit from being able to see humans from within the chamber; during this early stage in their development it is essential for young birds to become familiar with the presence of people if they are to be tame in adulthood.

Recovery Incubator

The TLC-30, 40 and 50 parrot brooders fulfill all these functions very cost effectively and can also double as a Recovery Incubator or Hospital Cage for sick or injured birds and mammals.

Intensive Care Unit

Brinsea TLC Incubators are used around the world by breeding facilities, rescue centers and individual wildlife rehabbers. TLC Intensive Care Units are the best place for weak and fragile animals to heal, hide and grow - especially for tiny babies who aren't yet old enough to retain their own heat. The TLC incubators provide a warm, clean, quiet, safe and controlled environment giving these orphaned baby animals the best chance to recover and thrive.

Each model is available with either Eco, Advance or Zoologica control system.

The Eco provides control and read-out of temperature and in the case of the TLC-40 and 50 models high and low temperature alarms.

The TLC-40 and 50 Advance digital controls also include a display of humidity, variable fan speed and an internal light.

The TLC-40 and 50 Zoologica also incorporate a humidity pump for fully automatic control of humidity.

The TLC-30, 40 and 50 Brooders feature:

* Accurate and adjustable temperature control
* Smooth, easy-to-clean interior
* No vulnerable edges for birds to chew
* Positive pressure with gentle fan ventilation
* Adjustable fresh air exchange through a door mounted vent
* Permanent calibrated digital temperature control with additional features and flexibility in Advance versions
* Tough, clear hinged door with secure catch
* Choice of three light, portable sizes suitable for a wide range of species
* 3 year warranty (subject to simple online registration)

The TLC-40 and 50 Brooders also feature:

* Twin stage filter, for removal of harmful bacteria and fungi 
* Water reservoir for increasing humidity with external top up
* High and low temperature alarms including the new room temperature alarm
* Increased humidity range 


With hygiene a top priority, the TLC brooders/Intensive Care Units have been carefully designed to make cleaning as easy as possible. The doors and working parts compartments are removable allowing the cabinets to be scrubbed. The high gloss finish of the ABS plastic cabinet makes deep cleaning a breeze.

To reduce the risk of infection Brinsea incorporate Polygiene Biomaster Antimicrobial Protection into our incubator and brooder cabinets during manufacture. Polygiene Biomaster Protection is embedded with the plastic itself which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria helping to provide the optimum environment for young birds and animals. Proven to quickly reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.9%.

Disinfecting tip:

Please make sure that disinfectant is thoroughly rinsed off plastic parts after cleaning and avoid alcohol based solutions to avoid gradual embrittlement of plastic parts, particularly around the hinges.

Air Circulation:

Airflow in the TLC brooders/Intensive Care Units has been carefully optimized to ensure consistent distribution of heat, so that all animals are at the same temperature but with the fan maintaining gentle airspeed so that down and dust are not blown around.

The design of the air circulation system results in a slight positive pressure within the chamber which resists the inflow of any unfiltered air from outside. This use of slight pressure differences is a proven method in hospital isolation wards to resist the spread of airborne bio-hazards. This positive pressure results in a small but essential airflow through the brooder chamber with fresh air drawn into the chamber and stale air is discharged around the door and through the adjustable vent.

As internal air is circulated in the TLC-40 and 50 it passes through two internal 2-stage electrostatic filters which remove airborne dust, spores and bacteria. All the filters are washable and replacement filter sets are available from Brinsea® or from your local stockist. To order quote part number HD021.


Warm air at brooding temperature can result in dehydration of the hatchlings so the TLC-40 and 50 brooders incorporate a water reservoir over which air is circulated to increase humidity within the chamber. The water reservoir is filled from outside the unit and is clear, allowing the user to monitor the water level. The reservoir contains white evaporating block to help increase humidity and these blocks are available from Brinsea® Products or your local stockist. The water reservoir is removable for cleaning.