Brinsea launched their new Contaq Z7 Raptor and K7 flagship incubators at the recent ADIHEX show in Abu Dhabi with strong interest in these exciting products from the falcon breeders at the show. New Contaq Z7 Raptor and K7 Incubator

The Contaq Z7
is Brinsea's 3rd generation Contact Incubator and incorporates numerous upgrades over the Z6 and is specifically tailored to the needs of falcon breeders where the benefit of Contact Incubation for the first 10 days is well understood.

The new K7
 is a matching forced air incubator which is ideal for the remaining 18 days of incubation and hatching. The combination of Z7 and K7 represents the state-of-the-art incubation system for birds of prey. All Brinsea incubators come with a 3 year extended warranty.

These incubators are handmade in our UK factory and are built to order. We are now taking orders for these models for delivery in early 2016 in plenty of time for the breeding season. 


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