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OvaView High Intensity egg candler

Item Number:   USF190
Price: $49.99
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Product Information

High power battery operated egg candler for candling quail, pheasant and other dark or mottled eggs.

Description & Specs

The OvaView High Intensity egg candler has a higher light output from a higher spec LED than the standard OvaView candling light.

Like its brother it is designed to be either hand-held or can be left on a work surface. Battery powered for convenience (4 AA batteries required but NOT included) the OvaView High Intensity candling lamp uses high output high efficiency LED illumination – so no bulbs to replace and no concerns about overheating the eggs (even very small eggs) during inspection.

Supplied with both the normal flexible black ring plus a special smaller ring for smaller eggs.

The larger power drain means that rechargeable batteries are needed. Suitable sets of batteries with charger are available separately.

The OvaView egg candler is subject to EU Design Registration No. 007779729-004


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